Some artist websites updated

constantlywithin.jpgA few artists that I have been watching and that I have shown here have updated their websites.

The first one is Dean MacDowell (shown), an artist out of Ireland that has a really great style. Along with the new website he also has a shop selling some prints of his work. I think that Dean’s website is a really good example of how an artists site should be clean and simple. The paintings are the focus here. When he wanted to add some flair to the site, he did it with the logo.

Next is John Kolbek that I have featured here a while back. He has a new site as well, and also a prints area. John’s site isn’t as minimal as Dean’s is, but still quite easy to move around in. I like that he didn’t use a flash gallery.

Lastly is photographer Jeremy Brotherton. I think whats most amazing about his site, is that it’s actually a few “blogger” pages linked together. He found a way around having to get a domain name and space to hold the site. So he has a portfolio section, how to section, contact and links. His ingenuity really showed that you can have a portfolio site if your just willing to try something different.

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