Support Artists with Black Friday Sales 2017

Once again Black Friday is upon us, which means it’s time for our annual independent art sales list. Skip out on the crazy mobs—giving even more money to corporations—and buy something you will keep forever. The best part is that you are supporting independent artists. Make a true difference in someone’s life and help to fill your life with creativity.

Here is a selection of artists and art shops that are offering deals this Black Friday. Be awesome, spread the word.

The Beinart Gallery is offering 20% off everything using the code BEINART20 in their online store.

Chet Zar has 30% off everything using the code BLACK30 in his online shop.

Kevin Llewellyn has 30% off everything until midnight PST using the code CRUCIFIX in his online shop.

Michael Hussar has some new drawings available here.

David Stoupakis has new open edition print never offered before in his online shop.

Oliva De Berardinis has 20% off using the code XMAS17 in her online shop.

Carlos Torres has 20% off using the code ‘blackfriday20’ during checkout in his online shop.

Christoper Lovell has a deal where you buy 2 prints and get one free in his online shop.

Matt Dangler has 20% off for one day only in his Etsy Shop.

Ashly Lovett has a bunch of discounts in her online shop.

Victor Grasso has 10% off all limited edition prints using GRASS017 here.

Kurtis Rykovich has 20% off all print through Cyber Monday here.

Ken Garduno has 30% off everything using BLACKWEEKEND in his Etsy shop.

Susete Saraiva has 20% off using BFHELL in her Etsy shop.

Lori Earley has 10% off all limited edition prints and free shipping on jewelry here.

Medusa Dollmaker has a bunch of sales in her online shops.

Paul Jackson has “Mystery Envelopes” filled with random cool stuff in his online shop.

Steven Russell Black has 40% off in his Etsy shop.

Jay Ferguson has 25% off everything using the code BLACK in his online shop.

Chad Wehrle has 20% off everything in his Etsy Shop.

Justin Kamerer/Angryblue has a Mystery Tube Print Sale (4 print for $40) and 5 Mystery Enamel Pins for $30 here.

Eugen Poe (Dead Inside Graphics) has 30% off everything using the code BFEPG here.

8-Bit Zombie has marked everything to $10 or under and every purchase includes free pin or patch. Get it here.

Tittybats has 40% off everything, one day only here.

Black Veil Studio has 20% off everything using the code VEIL here.

Diablo Texas has 20% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY in his online shop.

Rose Freymuth-Frazier has 10% off limited edition prints using RFFPRINTS10 at her Etsy shop.

Jason Edmiston has a bunch of new prints in his online shop.

Jack of the Dust is having a 24 hour sale here.

Gustavo Rimada is having 20-50% off all prints here.

Ramon Maiden has 25% off using the code BLACKMAIDEN in his Etsy shop.

Anthony Petrie has free shipping on a bunch of new stuff using the code SUCKITSANTA here.

Michael John Nolan has is giving a free print for every order over $50 in his online shop.

Scott Rohlfs has 50% off select prints, studies, and more here.

Illustrated Monthly has 40% off IM products using BLACK40 during checkout here.

Jimbob Isaac has 30% off using the code BLACKENEDSOUL in his shop.

Ghoulish Gary Pullin has 15% off everything using GHOULISHBLACKFRIDAY in his online shop.

Asunder has 50% off her entire store using the code BLACK50 here.

Cassie Meder aka Casstronaut has 15% off postcards, all prints, pins, original artwork, and leggings using BLACKHEART here.

Sara Hultsved has some original works on sale in her online shop.

Ally Burke (DeadSpiderHands) has 30% off everything using the code THIRTY in her online shop.

Bill Crisafi has 30% off using 30BLACK in his online shop.

Poison Apple Printshop has 20% off using the code ‘Harvest’ during checkout here.

Creep Company has up to 50% off in their online store.

Statix has 20% off the entire store with with the code BLACKFRIDAY here.

Jonathan Levine Gallery has 30% off using the code ‘gobble gobble’ in their online shop.

This is a Limited Edition has 25% off site wide using the code BLACKFRIDAY here.

Cotton Candy Machine has 20% off everything using the code LOVE20 here.

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