Update on B Movie Show

Well, there is a slight update on the B Movie show. It looks as though the gallery will be closed Monday and Tuesday. I apologize for anyone who was going to come out on one of those two nights. I will actually be hanging the art on one of those nights now.

The show itself is not very long, but I guarantee it will be filled with some truly amazing art and the reception on Friday the 18th will be quite a blast. I’m going to launch the Creep store on Monday night, so you will be able to see the art in the show and also purchase some of it if you wish. I decided to do this as the show is quite short. After building the store, I realized that there is roughly 60 pieces of art for this show! That’s insane, that is a huge amount of art for this show, but every single piece is exciting and I’m super happy to have them all.

So please, make sure if you go to the show, make it there on Friday. That is the best night to go.

See you there.

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