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If you’ve noticed on the right sidebar, I have links to articles that I have been writing for the past few weeks. I didn’t want to post this news right away, as I didn’t know if I would be writing these for too long. But, I have been doing these articles now for around 7 weeks.

The column is every week, usually on Tuesday morning, and it’s goal is to show the Top 5 best prints to buy. Prints that have just come out, limited edition prints, and prints that may have been looked over. I can’t grab all the good ones though, Audrey Kawasaki’s last set of prints sold out in minutes, so I had no time to post those. I do try to get some “must buy” prints, as well as vinyl collectible figures.

The main reason I write this weekly column, is the same reason I manage this page really, I love art. I love reading about, looking at, and helping out the artists as well. If one of my columns can sell some prints for people, then I have done good work. Make sure to take a look at the past columns, and maybe bookmark to catch the new ones. Also if you have prints for sale, feel free to submit them to me.

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