Ahren Hertel Show online, print available

OnGuard.jpgThe solo show of Ahren Hertel at the Gallery 1988 in LA is now online for you to oogle at. The pieces look amazing, it really helps that G1988 has a killer photographer. In some of the photos you can really see the canvas texture, and they are all well lit. I love the imagery that is in each of these pieces, the reoccurring characters, the worms, eggs(?) and of course the big eye, little eye thing he has going on.

There is such a good variety of work, he has oil on canvas, graphite on paper and even some hand sculpted works. They also have a print available based on the drawing “On Guard”. The print is a 10×17″ lithograph, and each one has also had some oil paint added, so you know each print is different. The prints are limited to 25. If you want one, head over to the site and give them a call.

Ahreh Hertel Show
Gallery 1988

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