Audrey Kawasaki & print inflation

A few weeks ago in an SFWeekly article, I featured a print by Audrey Kawasaki. It was well know that this print was going to sell out in minutes. The last one did. Now I know that many of the people who buy these prints don’t buy them to collect, or place on their walls. They buy them to sell and make profit.

Many artists try their hardest to stop this. Audrey did this as well, you had to really work for this print, but unfortunately some of people who just resell the work still got their hands on some. There is no real way to stop this, it’s a side effect of popularity really. He work is that coveted right now that this is bound to happen. So the real fans get the shaft. They miss out on a great print, that was fairly cheap, only to browse ebay and see the same print being sold for $500 on up.

The only thing you can do, is to not buy these resells, of course this means your out of a print. I just see no point in encouraging this to happen, and buy a print that has jumped 500% in price in the matter of a few days.

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