Chet Zar Catalog 2008 for Strychnin show

Chet_Zar_Catalog.jpgComing up this June 13th at the Strychnin Gallery in London is Chet Zar’s solo show “Ugly American”. Now it’s going to be very hard to see this show in person, so like always most of us will have to see the work online. Luckily a catalog of the works is being released, so you can see the works in print and have a collectible of Chet’s work. The Strychnin homepage has the works online to view (here) and they look amazing. It looks like he is incorporating some new colors into his work, and mixed with his great textures these new works are extremely dynamic.

The catalog is 64 color pages with a forward by Adam Jones, guitar mastermind from the band Tool. You can also get the hardcover edition that is signed by the artist and limited to 49 copies. Not everyone can see their favorite artists work in person, or own it for that matter, so prints, books and catalogs like this are a great way to surround yourself with inspiring imagery.

Chet Zar Catalog

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