Comic Con ’07 loot

Well the 2007 Comic Con is coming to a close, and I have no idea what happened there besides the info that I get off of other blogs, and my buddies constant bragging.

Looking around I can also see that many of the items for sale at the Comic Con are now being “resold” to you, at highly inflated prices. So if you couldn’t make it to the Con, you can still get some of the goodies that were to be had, for crazy high prices. One of the things I was always interested in getting at these events was artists Sketchbooks. So I have found a few cool sketchbooks to be had:

“Jet Seven” the art of Phil Noto
“Thongs You Know By Heart” by Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes color SB.
Joe Linsner “Dawn” Sketchbook
Jim Lee Sketchbook

That’s about it for now, i’m sure more will turn up. There’s also a mad amount of toys and various junk.

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