“Conjoined Triplets” doll by Shain Erin

Shain Erin has done it again with a new custom made doll. This new one is conjoined triplets, named (left to right): Tanek, Tymon and Tercio and is 10.75″ high. This is part of a new series of works entitled “Exquisite Monsters”, which are inspired by antique wax medical models and specimens representing genetic anomalies, disfigurements and diseases. Of course many of them will be more from imagination such as this one. While there is no real life examples of a disfigurement such as this, there have been paintings that feature the Tricephalous face and even few Romanesque gargoyles. It’s a fascinating subject, one that I have been studying for a while.

Check it out here: Shain Erin Etsy

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