“Daddy’s Girl” original drawing by Michael Hussar

This drawing that was used for the “Daddy’s Girl” painting was auctioned off a while ago to help the Lithium Picnic defense fund. Well it’s back up for auction. The painting was sold long ago, and print of the piece show up quite rarely and sell for quite a bit. I remember a thumbnail sketch was sold as well, but of course being a thumbnail sketch it was quite small and rough.

This is for an 8″ 10″ drawing, it is also framed and protected with UV glass and acid-free materials. The drawing was purchased directly from Michael, so there is a receipt and most importantly provenance. All framed up it’s around 13″ x 17″, and it looks amazing. I would love to have the original painting, but I think having the drawing would be just as cool.

Check it out here, the painting is shown here you can see the drawing at the link: Daddy’s Girl Original Drawing

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