Faesthetic #7

tim_biskup_cover.gifI might be a little bit late on this, but it’s something cool to hear anyway. Faesthetic is an art book that is distributed by Threadless.
There have been some really great artists, and it looks like this issue is filled with a number of exciting artists such as: Derek Ballard, Travis Millard, Munk One, Ruben Rude, Jon Burgerman, Nate Van Dyke, Benjamin Kehoe, Sauerkids & many more. The theme of this issue is “Doomsday”, and it says it’s all ad free. The cover (shown) was done by Tim Biskup.

The book is 160 pages of two color art, black and red ink, and you can grab it for $25. I think I might pick one up, although I do love looking through the whole mag and seeing exactly whats inside. Hard to keep collecting these things when they take up so much space.

Faesthetic Mag

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