“I am 8 Bit” exclusive prints now at A Paper Tiger

A Paper Tiger will be the exclusive spot to get prints from the 4th year of the “I Am 8 Bit” show. The show had the biggest turn out yet, and there was amazing work there.

The first two prints that will be released by A Paper Tiger are from Scott Campbell and Scott Belcastro. The piece by Scott Belcastro was hands down my favorite of the night, it helps that I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan. Scott Campbell is doing his “Showdown” works again, and the first print will be the first series of them including showdowns of Frogger, Tetris, Mario & Donkey Kong and so on. The Scott Campbell prints are a set of 5, 5″ x 3″ mini prints limited to 30. The Scott Belcastro print is 12″ x 12″ and is limited to 50. Head on over and grab one of them, before it’s too late and keep your open for upcoming prints. I am 8 Bit @ A Paper Tiger

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