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“I See It All” book and print by Deth P. Sun @ Tiny Showcase

Tony Showcase has just released a book by Deth P. Sun. The book is entitled “I See It All”, it’s “a replica of a sketchbook Deth drew in the spring of 2008 and published in a limited first edition”. For only $30 you get:
* One copy from the first edition (limited pressing) of Deth P. Sun’s book: I See It All. A small sketch and a signature by the artist is on the first page of every copy.
* An archival limited edition print of a sketch drawn for Tiny Showcase, in a similar fashion to the sketches in the book.The print measures roughly 6″ wide by 7.5″ tall.
* One “I See It All” sticker 4.25″ square, drawn by Deth, and winner of the s. Finch “sticker of the year” award.
There are 100 of these sets, and are bound to go fast.

Deth P Sun @ Tiny Showcase


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