In The Store: “Invisible Zombie Scientist” by Mr. Christopher

invisible_Zombie_Scientist____by_itsmisterchristopher.jpgAfter having Mr. Christopher as one of the featured artists, I was super excited to have him involved in the “B Movie Show”. This painting along with one of the works made by Alex Kuno, was the second largest and only other mixed media painting in the show.

The image doesn’t show it, but the painting is custom framed. The frame is actually built around the painting and looks amazing. The figure in the middle is a cutout piece of wood, so it pops out once you get within a few feet of it. There is also some scientific formulas that were pasted into the background, one of many unique touches that made this painting a favorite from the show. He did such an amazing job painting the jacket, and I also love the face that you can see in the background.

Edit: this painting is now sold, sad to see it go but I know the new owner is really stoked with the art.

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