J.R. Goldberg launches Etsy shop

I wrote about the art of J.R. Goldberg for one of my articles back in December. To recap, Goldberg is an artist out of Los Angeles. The first time I saw her work was in the Jellyfist book and ever since then I have been a fan. The book is written by Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, etc) and all the art is by Jenny. She has an amazing style, so the idea that she now has a shop were fans can creepily stalk on a daily basis is excellent indeed.

The shop has some original works, a mini-comic and the print set I first wrote about. The “Momento Mori” print set includes 9, 5.5×3.5 inch hand-printed cards all in a limited set of 200. Since these prints are handmade, there is a slight variation with each one. Look after the jump for more images of the set.
JR Goldberg on Etsy



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