New painting “Self Portrait”, by Brandi Read

Brandi Read posted a new painting that she just finished and I had to share it. Brandi is one of those artists that every time she posts new work I am amazed at the skill level involved. The way that she paints hair, skin and most noticeably the picture perfect backgrounds. The first time I saw them I thought she was painting over a printed image of these backgrounds, but no, shes painting these intricate patterns and surfaces from scratch.

This new painting is a self portrait, and is oil on canvas 12″ x 16″. Brandi also has an upcoming show at the Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo. The show called “4 on the Floor” and features work by Emma Mount, Dave Macdowell, Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn & of course Brandi Read. The show starts this coming July 19th.

For more of Brandi’s work and new, check out her newly redesigned website.


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