Original paintings by Dean Mcdowell

One of the artists from my “B Movie” show, and one that will be in an upcoming show, posted some new works that are available for purchase. He supplied four original paintings to a gallery that is local to him, in the UK. This is a great chance however to get some original works from this killer artist.

Each one of the paintings is 6″ x 6″, and even though the site says they are oil on board I think they are acrylic. At least his website says they are. Either way they look amazing, and I know first hand from seeing his work in person that his painting style is a blast to look at. These are some of the painting that got me hooked on his work to begin with. The colors are amazing as well as the texture that you can see in each work.

Head on over to the gallery and check em out. Dean Mcdowell Originals

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