Prints: “Zumanity” by Chet Zar for Safewalls

Safewalls, the art project by Cirque Du Soleil, has just released a new print by Chet Zar. Inpsired by the Zumanityâ„¢ Pan character, Chet created a work with his signature style of painting and mood, and created one very sharp looking print. There are two versions, the standard which is 20″ x 30″ and limited to 300 and the deluxe which is 24″ x36″ and comes stamped and with a COA. Also on the Safewalls homepage is an interview with Chet which is a must see. He has a great attitude, infectious laugh, and really just draws you into his art and his world even more. He also talks about the painting and the idea of creating something more erotic than he usually does. Safewalls Interview

Chet Zar @ Safewalls

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