“Revenge for the Drowned” John Kolbek original for sale

John Kolbek has an original painting currently for sale. The piece is 8″x10″ and is entitled “Revenge for the Drowned”. The is the first time I have seen John put his work up for sale like this, and it looks as though someone might get it for a great price.

Fans of Michael Hussar will no doubt see an influence, his work occupies the same dark areas. I’m a big fan of John’s ink work, so much detial and dedication goes into each one of those works. It looks like John’s father painted as well, but didn’t do it for very long. Here’s to hoping John keeps going forward.

Edit: He also just added another original painting that was made for his “Childhood Series”, its an earlier work of his and is 21″ x28″. Check it out Here
Revenge for the Drowned by John Kolbelk

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