Soto & Hussar Originals

hussar_sin.JPGEvery once is a while some really cool originals get put up for sale. Maybe people are tired of the work, or maybe times are tough. The could be selling the work because it was bought to make profit. Doesn’t matter really, it’s a great chance to score some work that otherwise would just have stayed in someones home forever.

The first one is a piece from Michael Hussar. It’s called “Sin”, and was purchased from the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery. He had a show back in 2006 at that gallery. It’s a killer looking piece, most of the eye paintings that I have seen him do however use different frames, but this one fits well. “Sin”

soto.JPGThe second one that I found was from Jeff Soto. The piece is called “Philadelphia Bat”, it’s custom framed and the seller says it was bought from the Jonathan Levine Gallery. It’s a great looking piece, not quite as intense as his latest work, but still has that style of his. Philidelphia Bat

Remember, always feel free to contact the seller and ask questions. Your buying an expensive piece, and you have the right to know all about where it came from and how its been treated and so on.

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