Splash Page Comic Arts auction

Splash Page Comic Art is putting together a book entitled “The Artists of Splash Page Comic Art”. It will feature all sorts of art by 53 artists that are shown on the Splash Page Comic Art webpage. It will be limited to 3000 copies, and will be available for sale at the San Diego Comic Con on on July 25th at booth 5101 & 5200.

For now though, you can head over to the auction area and snag some of the original works that were used for this book. The work shown above is from Ben Templesmith and is of his character Wormwood. A great character and this piece is very cool. Ben’s work tends to sell quickly and the value rises swiftly. Some of the other artists that you can get work from are: Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead), Lee Bermejo, Greg Land, Paolo Rivera and many others.

Head on over to this link to look at the auctions, and make sure if you hit the Comic Con to pick this book up.
Splash Page Comic Art auctions

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