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The Conjurer: JL Schnabel’s Mystical Collaboration

Many of you know Ms. JL Schnabel for the writing she does for Hi Fructose Magazine. She has a great eye for art and writes beautifully. In her other life, which you may also be aware of, she creates fascinating jewelry in a line she calls Blood Milk, the elements of which are crystals, claws, feathers, bones, planchets and other mystical symbols and objects.


In alchemical fashion, this fall she teamed up with photographer Christina Brown and artist Paul Romano to create Blood Milk‘s first look book. The result, a collection of beautifully designed graphic work and photographs entitled The Conjurer is mysterious and filled with witchery.

Note that the text in the images below are a bit out of sequence from the narrative in the book. You can see the whole thing (and download it as a pdf) on the new Blood Milk website here. You can also purchase limited edition prints of some of the images and pieces from her jewelry line from the Bloodmilk Etsy shop. And don’t forget to read the wonderful interview about JL Schnabel’s creative spirit¬†on Ghosts in the Garden.

I’m very excited to have recently purchased one of her Crystal Tomb necklaces! I am convinced that it will have mystical powers.







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