“The Gauntlet” limited print by Greg “Craola” Simkins

At the opening of Craola’s show at Ffity24SF I talked to Craola a bit about collaborations he would like to be in, artists he would like to show with and so on. Alex Pardee was one of the he mentioned, “it just makes sense” he said and I agree. Well we might not have a collaborative show from the two of these amazing artists for some time, but Zerofriends/Alex Pardee is bringing the fans a limited edition print by Craola. The print is entitled “The Gauntlet”, it is 16″ x 20″ Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag, limited to only 100. And as it says on the site “Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by Greg Simkins”. The prints from Zerofriends look amazing, and with Craola’s artwork on them this print is surely to sell out very fast, especially since it’s only $125

Head on over and grab one before it’s to late.
The Gauntlet @


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