“The Ride” original painting by Craola Simkins

I saw Greg Craola Simkins work in person at Ffifty24 in San Francisco a few months ago. It was an amazing show. It blew me away how skilled Craola is with acrylics and drawing.

The internet or photos will not give a good idea of how dynamic this artist really is. I’ve seen a good amount of prints of his for sale, but not many original pieces, they sell fast.

There currently is one of works on auction right now, it’s called “The Ride” and is acrylic on a hand built wooden box. It was one of the pieces from the Chubby Bunny show at the Nucleus Gallery.
It looks amazing, have a look. Also take a look at the show he had at Fifty24 in San Francisco.

The ride auction

Fifty24 Craola Show

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