“They Live” poster by Shepard Fairey

Just a day ago I posted news on a “They Live” poster by Shepard Fairey from Alamo Drafthouse . The poster was released on Mondotees and in record time, as always with the prints they release, it sold out in minutes. “They Live” is one of my favorite movies, along with another Carpenter classic “The Thing”. There has already been quite a lot of art created that was inspired by “They Live”, much of it is OK not amazing. With the secrecy and hype for this print I was really expecting something outstanding, the stencil photo even got you prepared for it. Once the final image was released however, I wasn’t blown away and I noticed many fans weren’t either. I tried to figure out why there is something off about this print and I think I figured it out. It has the same color palette and textures that make so many of Fairey’s prints look as good as they do, and since he has used the Obey imagery from this movie quite a lot it should be a perfect fit. I think the problem is that while this is supposed to be a “They Live” poster, something to commemorate the movie itself, it looks more like a Shepard Fairey print with the “They Live” title and credits added as an afterthought. What do you think?

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