Two new prints from Letter Pressed

helton.jpgThe amazing Letter Pressed has two new artists series prints being released this Friday, February 29th. This is a pre-order sale, the prints will be shipped around March.

The first print is by gig poster artist Justin Helton (Status Serigraph). It’s called “Perm” (shown) and is a 6″ x 6″ 1 color letterpress print. It’s limited to 50. I love this print, the limeade color is really crazy and it fits the imagery well. You really have to look close to see all the subtle details in this piece, such as the skull irises in the left figure.

The second print is by Nathan Stapley. The print is “Human Monkey” and is a 5″ x 7″ 2 color letterpress print on natural paper. This print is also limited to 50. Nathan has a very unique style of painting, it’s great to see how well his style translated over to a print like this. Oh, and monkeys completely rule so that makes this print even better if you ask me.

Letter Pressed Artist Series

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