“Venus” show art now online

Roq la Rue Gallery now has the “Venus” show online for your viewing pleasure. There was a large amount of artists and just looking at the pieces that were shown, you know it was an amazing opening. A lot of the pieces have sold, but there are still a few of them left.

The pieces that I enjoyed the most were: Audrey Kawasaki’s “Amai Wana” (left), Glenn Barr’s ” The Cyprian of Cyprus”, Sarah Joncas’ “Coatlicue’s Prayer”, Lori Earley’s amazing graphite drawing, Lynne Naylor, Sarah Bereza, the acrylic and shell powder work of Fuco Ueda.

This show will continue on till July 7th, so if your in the area make sure you stop by. There is nothing quite like seeing the art in person.

Have a look: “Venus” @ Roq La Rue Gallery

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