“Weight of Water” print set by Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson has some new prints for sale, a set of three prints actually. The prints are based off of paintings that were on display for her “Lost Constellations” show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery this past March. The paintings were all oil on panel, and it looks like these three prints are based more off of the preliminary drawings for the pieces. So they fit very well with being screenprints.

Much like most of her screenprints, this set is being made by Diesel Fuel Prints in Portland, OR. They make absolutely amazing prints, so I’m sure this set looks perfect. Each print is 15″ x 20″, 5-color serigraph on cotton rag paper and limited to 100. The numbers will be matched in each one of the sets. Here is a link to the “Weight of Water 2 & 3 (not shown).

Head on over: Weight of Water print set

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