aotd: “Self” by Christina Beller

Today’s art of the day comes from Christina Beller. She is an illustrator out of Chicago, and works in many mediums but mainly in ink and photoshop.

The work here is a digital manipulation with some painting, but it could easily pass for a pencil sketch when you first look at it. It’s a very dynamic piece, the contrast is exciting and the hair looks amazing. I really like how a good majority of her work has the figure distorted, much like you would see with Egon Schiele, and one of my favorite and more extreme examples Mannerist painter Parmagianino. I think her work would fit perfect next to Natalie Shau in a gallery, both of them have amazing styles and make some really exciting digital art.

She says this is just a doodle, but to me this is a perfect piece of art I would love to see on a wall with a killer frame. I’m sure you all agree.

Check out the rest of her work here: Christina Beller Profile

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