Art of the Day: “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” by EGO

Seattle based artist EGO was one of the featured artists here on the Creep Machine, and also had painting on show for the “Attack of the B Movie Show” and the current “This is the End” show. Not only is he an amazing tattoo artist, but also a skilled painter with a very unique style and imagination. I am always happy to see new work from him, and very privileged to have his art in any show that I am able to curate.

The piece shown here is the painting that EGO submitted to the “This is the End” group show. It looks so amazing in person, I wish the pictures were good enough to show how dynamic it really is. Surprisingly the piece is still available, but I have a feeling that his work will get harder to come by with every passing show.

Check out his work here EGO Profile
EGO Myspace

And his work for the “This is the End Show” @ The Alternative Cafe


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