Artist of the Day: Ken Garduno

Todays artist of the day is another Creep Machine favorite, Ken Garduno. Not only is his work always exciting to see, but it’s also quite staggering at how many unique ideas he is able to get.

Ken currently has a solo show going on at the Black Maria Gallery in Los Angeles. The show is entitled “Channels” and if filled with some excellent paintings. A good majority of them have color splashed in, which looks striking when set against the monochromatic washes that he does. The show almost sold out, but there is still a few left. Ken also contributed a painting in the “This is the End” group show (1st below). The painting in the show is 12 3/4″ x 16 3/4″, acrylic wash and ink. It’s still available and all framed up.
Ken Garduno @ Black Maria Gallery


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