In the Store: “We Accept You” by Jason Rudolph Pena

Another one of the works from the “Attack of the B Movie” art show, was this killer painting by Jason Rudolph Pena. The painting is of Simon Metz otherwise known as “Schlitzie” one of the more recognized and iconic figures from the 1932 cult classic movie “Freaks”. Schlitzie was often mistaken for being a girl, but was in fact male, due to his many disabilities the people who took care of him thought it was easier for him to wear dresses.

Besides being in the movie, Schlitzie spent his whole life in Carnivals and Sideshow Attractions. There are hundreds of various collectibles featuring the likeness of Schlitzie, but I have to say this one is my favorite. Of course there is the obvious skill Jason has in painting, but I think the combination of the frame, colors used and presentation gives this work respect whereas most of the work I have seen inspired by Schlitzie is more hokey and less respectful.

This painting is acrylic on wood, 12″ x 16″ and framed. Check out the store area of the site for purchase info.

we accept you by jason rudolphpena

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