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New work by Erik Jones

Erik Jones (featured), an artist I have not shown on the site in quite a long time, has come out with a bunch of new work. He also recently had a solo show, “Pop Op” at Redletter 1 this past June 3rd. The work has yet to show up online in entirety, however he has released some images on his various profiles. Erik’s traditional works, no less exciting than anything digital he creates, is made of a myriad of materials such as watercolors, colored pencils, water based oils, nu-pastels, and acrylics on Rives BFK paper. If there was ever a paper that could be called exquisite it’s Rives BFK. James Jean uses it a lot, and Erik Jones used it for these new works that, as you can see, are exquisite in themselves. I love the blend of figurative imagery, abstract shapes, and textures that each piece holds. Makes sure to keep an eye on his website, Deviantart Profile and blog for more work and updates. Here is what Erik said about this new series of works:

“This new “thing” that I’m doing is really just about experimenting.
Though the figures tend to be “attractive”, the new direction places less emphasis on sexuality. I simply start out with a loose line drawing of a figure and experiment with building up and breaking down color and shapes in and around said figure. It is not only a salubrious experimentation with the figure but also an exploration of mediums. This process is more sporadic and embraces imperfection, rather then focusing mainly on rendering “perfect” realistic skin.
…It’s also a lot of fun.”

Erik Jones Homepage

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    Jun 14, 2011 at 10:57 am

    I really love this new direction he’s been taking.

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