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Preview: “Big Tuna” David Lynch Tribute @ Alcove Arts

Coming this Friday July 10th at the Alcove Gallery in Decatur, GA is a group show featuring work inspired by David Lynch films. The lineup of the show is pretty impressive with paintings from such artists as : David MacDowell, Amy Botello, Lesli Ditto, Apricot Mantle, Dan May, Chet Zar and many more. I personally am a fan of themed shows. I know that is makes it difficult sometimes for some artists to fit in, but I think it is often a good example of how an artists style can be pushed to present unique ideas. Some great works that are unexpected also come from themed shows, just look at the art in this preview. I love what David MacDowell submitted as well as Apricot Mantle and another unique handmade frame made out of 1600 black and white pencil erasers!

Alcove Arts



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    Apricot Mantle
    Jul 10, 2009 at 2:52 am

    I am so excited to be apart of this show! So nice of you to post this Creep!

    Thank you,

    PS. I will be posting my other 2 pieces I made for this show on my website very very soon!

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