Art of the Day

Failing_sun_by_JOFX.jpgAll of the artwork that has been featured as “art of the day” will also be available in this gallery.
This gallery gets updated once a week, so make sure you keep checking back.
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Gallery Shows

I love seeing art in person as you get a clearer idea of what the artist was going for in the work. I try to make sure that I can show as much texture in the works as possible with the photos. All of the gallery show photos will now be on Flickr, so add me if you have an account, or just head on over and take a look. Click here to see gallery shows on Flickr

Creepmachine Curated Gallery Shows

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to curate a show. It’s not something I want to do for a living, but is fun when the chance comes around. So here is the archive of shows I have curated, all the work can be seen here along with reception night photos, if they were taken.
“Attack of the B Movie Show” April 2008, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
“This is the End” March 2009, The Alternative Cafe, Monterey, CA
“Fables & Follies” June 2010, The Alternative Cafe, Monterey, CA