Steph Chard

I’m an 18 year old artist living in Australia where I’m currently undertaking a Fine Arts degree.

My art is predominately portraiture in oil. I find inspiration in beauty, fashion and photography. The depth (or shallowness) of my work is a reflection on me and the emotions I am trying to convey.

In my career as an artist I have participated in various group exhibitions as well as my first solo one in 2007. My works have been sold localy and internationally with private collections including Perez Hilton.

My plans for the future are to grow as an artist and to one day move overseas and continue futhering my art practice.

To see more of Steph’s work, you can view her profile here: Steph Chard profile
Or add her on myspace: Steph Chard Myspace

She was also recently interviewed on “What to Wear During Orange Alert”, check it out Here

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