Thom Glick

Ommetaphobia_by_eithr.jpgTHOM GLICK ILLUSTRATE

Thom Glick came from space. He rode a magic pink bicycle fitted with rocket-powered pontoons, bazillions of miles across the universe to Earth, where he hid his extra eyes and arms beneath gobs of foundation and baggy sweaters to fit in with society… Okay that’s not true. Thom Glick grew up near Dayton, Ohio, and like most children, he began doodling and drawing at an early age. His love for art developed quickly and steadily and eventually he attended and graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with honors and as the ‘most outstanding illustrator’ of his class.

Over the years, Thom Glick’s unique illustrative style has been applied to many projects in many markets, including: advertising, apparel, editorial, educational, film, gallery, greeting cards, murals, music, and publishing.

Aside from his work as an artist, Thom also enjoys spending hours riding his pretty pink 1987 Bianchi Trofeo bicycle (oh yes, she really exists, minus the rocket pontoons), eating pizza, and watching scary movies with his beautiful girlfriend, Zuzana.

Thom Glick resides in the German Village (of Columbus OH).

Thom Glick Homepage for more great work to see.

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