Sarah Bereza

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to people who reveal a double personality- a mix on innocence and a darker side. I find painting subjects of this sort a challenge that reveals as much about my own psychology as it does that of my subjects – who happen to be my friends. As part of a generation of painters who came of age in New York City, my paintings explore the range of personas from innocence to subtly perverse that they employ in their daily lives. I see my work as part of an ongoing tradition of revealing psychological portraiture. Using styrofoam and epoxy, I make frames that replicate 18th century picture frame motifs in an effort to link my work to that tradition.

For more of Sarah’s work, and new of upcoming shows and available works, head on over to her homepage: Sarah Bereza Homepage

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    Gene Bereza
    Apr 2, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    I love it , just a hint of naughty!

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