Max Kauffman

My work emphasizes color, line, and texture. These stylized aspects are the foundation of every piece, and are the very essence of how I convey a message or idea. My technique is linear, but begins with color. There is multiplicity present in the process- chaos and cleanliness merging with thought-out meticulous line work, paired with stream of consciousness flow, and a stark reality with tinges of a dream time within (or vice versa).

Thematically I focus on dualism by scouring both poles of an idea, an argument, or a struggle. Futuristic struggles are common; good vs. evil, man vs. machine, machine vs. your mother, nature vs. mankind. I present and imagine the future in two differing ways: as a desolate shell devoid of life, or as a Utopian affair where man and nature coexist. Multiples compound the message of unity, the way a group of birds can become a flock – a collective – many things becoming a whole. There is a narration to each piece that is a nod to my love for history. I am intrigued by evolution, as a result of my anthropological studies. In my art I examine and create unspeakable new creatures, dead ends, and traits lost hundreds of years ago.

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