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Preview: “INLE” group show curated by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins @ Gallery 1988

Opening March 11th at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is a group show curated by artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. The show entitled “INLE”, will feature over 100 artists drawing inspiration from Richard Adams’ award winning book, WaterShip Down, and more specifically the Black Rabbit of Inlé. The list of participating artists is nothing short of breathtaking and will include work by: Aaron Jasinksi, Alex Garcia, Alex Pardee, Amy Sol, Anthony Ausgang, Annie Owens, Attaboy, Audrey Kawasaki, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne, Brain Despain, Buff Monster, Camilla d’Errico, Carrie Anne Baade, Charles Wish, Chet Zar Chris Ryniak, Christian Rex Van Minnen, DabsMyla, Dan May, Dan Quintana, Daniel Danger, David Choong Lee, Eric White, Jason Limon, Fred Harper, Gris Grimley, Jon Beinart, Steven Daily, Jeff McMIllan, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Joshua Clay, Joshua Keyes, Kevin Peterson, Kris Lewis, Logan Hicks, Luke Chueh, Mark Bodnar, Martin Wittfooth, Matthew Bone, Meggs, Michael Page, Mike Mitchell, Molly Crabapple, Naoto Hattori, N8 Van Dyke, Nome Edonna, Roland Tamayo, Ron English, Sas Christian, Skinner, Skot Olsen, Tara McPherson, Jason D’Aquino, Jason Maloney, JAW Cooper, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Fish, Joe Ledbetter, Joe Vaux, Travis Louie, Yosuke Ueno, and many more, if you aren’t already blown away.
Skinner also created a timelapse video showing the creation if his INLE painting, and also giving fans a look into his working process. Check it out Here. The Gallery 1988 blog has an interview with Craola that gives an in depth look at the inspiration and inner workings of this show, check it out Here. Take a look at some of the preview images, and then keep your eyes peeled for the full show.

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Chet Zar’s “Conjoined” @ Copro Gallery

This past Saturday, January 22nd, the Copro Gallery opened a very exciting show curated by Chet Zar. “Conjoined” is a group show in which the participating artists created works that are 3d in design. Very few shows in this art scene contain 3d works, and a whole show dedicated to them was well overdue. Thanks to Chet for curating such an amazing, and needed exhibition. Some of the participating artists include: Adam Jones, Kris Kuksi, Annie Owens, Attaboy, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Dave Pressler, Colin Christian, Charles Krafft, Jon Beinart, Neil Winn, Scott Radke, Chantal Menard, Bill Basso, Paul Chatem, Zombienose, Jordu Schell, Meats Meier, Craig Skibs Barker, Scott Hove, Craig LaRotonda, Chris Conte and many more. The gallery is still working on getting the entire show online, but there is quite a lot of work to be seen. I was happy to see some art submitted by Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), and Adam Jones (Tool).

Check out the show: “Conjoined” @ Copro Gallery

“Weirdo Noir” book by Matt Dukes Jordan

The author of the book “Weirdo Deluxe”, is back with a new book talking the gothic and dark art scene. The book is 9″ x 9″, 192 pages and features work from more than 20 artists such as Attaboy, Ana Bagayan, Glenn Barr, Jonathan Bergeron, Ray Ceasar, Jason d’Aquino, Bob Dob, Alex Gross, Sarah Joncas, Annette Hassell, Fred Harper, Dan Kennedy, Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Tara McPherson, Skot Olsen, Nathan Ota, Annie Owens, Anthony Pontius, Isabel Samaras, Shag, Dani Tull, Brian Viveros, and Edward Walton Wilcox.
I enjoyed Weirdo Deluxe quite a bit, and this book seems like a good followup. I’m not sure if I agree about the “noir”, or as stated in the description “artists who have embraced the dark side, employing gothic themes in their art.” There are a few artists in that list that have dark works for sure, but maybe I just have a different definition of “dark and gothic”.

Get it here: Chronicle Books, or cheaper at Amazon

Preview: Travis Louie’s “Monster” @ Copro Gallery

This July 11th at the Copro Gallery will be “Monster”, a group show curated by Travis Louie and features the work of over 50 artists. I’m a big fan of the work of Mr Louie, and was raised on monster artwork, so this show is right up my alley. Some of the artists that will be at this show are Ron English, Femke Hiemstra, Jessica Joslin, Audrey Kawasaki, Tessar Lo, Martin Wittfooth, Chet Zar, Amanda Visell, Ana Bagayan, Annie Owens, Attaboy, Brandt Peters, Brian Despain, Brom, Chris Ryniak, Dan Quintana, Ekundayo, Dave Chung, Dave DeVries, Davey Wong, Deseo, Dice Tsutsumi, Francesco LoCastro, Fred Harper, Heidi Taillefer, Isabel Samaras, James Zar, Jason D’Aquino, Amy Botello, Kris Kuksi, Kris Lewis, Lola, Mari Inukai, Mark Texiera, Miles Teves, Molly Crabapple, Nouar, Xiaoqing Ding and many more. If you head on over to Erratic Phenomena you can see an interview done with Travis about the show and his stance on the art scene and where it is going. I like how Travis brought up that some of the art we see is short on conception and lacks creativity. My favorite bit is:

A gallery owner (I won’t say who) tried to tell me how great someone’s brushwork was, and he really had no clue about what constitutes “good brushwork.” Folks, there is a significant difference between having a strong style that exaggerates anatomy, and exaggeration because of a lack of anatomical knowledge. I’m not saying I’d like to see all things painted realistically or naturalistically, but I would prefer that the artists know how to draw something, at least. I’ve seen so many artists whose drawing was so bad I can’t believe they got shows.

Not only am I crazy about Art History, but I am also quite big on anatomy and classical ways of painting/drawing. I hope to see more of these disciplines as well. Anway, make sure you head on over to Erratic Phenomena to read the interview and check out the gallery for the full preview of works.

Monster @ Copro Gallery

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Now online: Attaboy @ POVevolving

Attaboy’s solo show opened this past week at the POVevolving gallery. There was a huge amount of photos taken, and can now be found on the gallery site. The folks over at Daily di Jour also did a writeup about the show with some photos.
The show looks amazing, make sure to look at the extremely limited “Winged Shmee”.

Attaboy @ POVevolving


Keep A Breast Auction

The Keep A Breast Auction is going on right now, well it has been for a bit but I am a little late this time, sorry. Anyway,Plaster Breast Casts were made and decorated by some of the best artists out there and are now being auctioned off to help fight Breast Cancer. The great thing is “100% of proceeds will help fund the Keep A Breast, youth education and awareness programs.” So this way you get some unique and amazing art, as well as help people out.

There have already been some work by Iggy Pop, Amy Sol, Ahren Hertel and other sold. At this moment there are some casts painted by Annie Owens, Attaboy, KRK Ryden, Mike Giant, Lola, Johnny Rodriguez (shown) and many others. Check out their main site for the full rundown, and which artists have participated: KAP Homepage, and check out the auction Here

San Diego Comic Con!, artists and events

Well the San Diego Comic Con is upon us once again. I planned on making it out there this year, as I have never been there yet, but I will make it next year. There is some really killer artists making it out there this year. Here is a breakdown of just some of the stuff you should check out.

Food One is at table #EE-05 in the Artists Alley. He has some prints, drawings and shirt available.

Tom Haubrick, Ken Garduno & Eric Davison will be at table #f1

David Mack will be doing signings from Weds to Sun at the Image booth #2729,

Gris Grimly will be at the Mad Creator Productions booth #509, with some new shorts, a belt buckle and so on.

In the small press area, Ben Walker will be at booth O-6, stop buy and say hi maybe grab one of his killer prints.

Last Gasp Publishing will be at booth #1616 with some new releases, Scott Saw will be right across the way at booth #1621 with some new prints for sale.

Scott Campbell will be at booth #1228 and the Munky King booth #4539 with Iam8bit and nerdcore.

Tara Mcpherson will be at booth #4922 and the Dark Horse booth #2615 along with Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Mike Mignola, Bruce Campbell on Saturday and many others.

Ben Templesmith will be at the IDW Booth #1705, along with Ashley Wood and his new robot toys.

Finally, well not finally but all I care to write, Hi-Fructose will be there at booth #4938 with some artists to sign some swag for you. Kukula, Alex Pardee, Ashley Wood, Attaboy, Travis Louie and others. Check out the mainpage for times Hi-Fructose

Shows this weekend: Dean McDowell, Phoebe Washer & Ken Dougherty

It’s 4th of July weekend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great shows opening up. So if you have a chance, try to make it out to one of them.

Opening up this Friday at the Rogues Gallery in Belfast, is a dual show featuring work by the amazing Dean McDowell & Sarah Sheil. The work looks amazing, Dean has such a great style and Sarah makes some very dark works. It takes you a minute to really see what is going on in her work. Try to see if the show goes online later tonight. Rogues Gallery Belfast

“How Well Do You Remember?” a tribute show to Phoebe Washer opens this Saturday at the POVEvolving Gallery in Los Angeles. A few of her keys paintings and sculptures will be at the show, as well as work by “Attaboy, Huck G, Will Smith, Todd Barricklow, Leigh Barbier, David Best
and Phoebe’s special protege Stella Brown” who will create works that will benefit the “newly formed Phoebe Washer Foundation for the Arts.” Limited edition prints of some of her works will also be at the show. The reception is from 7-11 pm. Check it out here:

Also opening this Saturday is a a show featuring the work of Caia Koopman & Mark Gleason. Check out the show here, when it shows up,

Finally at the Hive Gallery a group show with the focus being on new work by Scott Saw & Ken Dougherty. I’m a big fan of Ken’s work, and from what it looks like, he has a good amount of work at the show and prices are very nice. All of the work from the show is online for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here: