Inspirations: “Victoria, Demon Hunter” by Roberto Parada

I’ve thought about starting a new section of the site for a while now, dedicated to the inspiration artists use for certain works as well as artwork inspired by other works of art. This section will not be used to tag the works as plagiarism, sites like You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice are better for that. This is about homages, inspiration and how ideas can give birth to new ideas and images that were simply worth telling again.

For the first installment I wanted to share an amazing painting by Roberto Parada, an illustrator working out of New York. The painting, “Victoria, Demon Hunter” was created as the cover for a book entitled “Queen Victoria, Demon Hunter” by Richard Aquan. The painting looks amazing, but what caught my eye as a long time zombie fan, was the inspiration used for some of the zombie heads. I can recognize a few faces from the “Night of the Living Dead” 1990 Remake and Dario Argento’s “Demons”. I like the idea that popular zombies were used in this cover, it’s sure to make any zombie fan take a closer look at the cover.

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