Candykiller Letter Pressed pre-order

BingPress.jpgThe amazing Letter Pressed is taking pre-orders for two Brian Taylor (Candykiller) prints.

The first one, Bingo the Wonder Dog is “8×10 inches,two-color letterpress on Somerset soft-white 100% cotton paper, and its signed/numbered edition of 90”
The second one, Presston Mini print is “5×7 inches, one-color letterpress on 100% cotton paper , numbered edition of 50”.

They both look great, and there isn’t many of them left. As I write this only 16 of Bingo, and 2 of the Presston. I have a Paul Chatem print from Letter Pressed and it looks amazing, so I know these ones will be worth it.

Candykiller pre-order on Letter Pressed

You can also head over to BlueFlip and get some Candykiller prints there, if you happen to miss the pre-order. Candykiller on BleuFlip

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