Chet Zar original drawings and merch

If you missed out on grabbing one of Chet Zar’s sketches at the latest Paper Pushers show, there are a few sketches up for sale right now. The sketches look amazing and are a great way to score some original work from Chet at a great price. Each one of the drawings looks to be around 6″ x 8″. You can check them out here: Chet Zar Sketches

He has also updated his website with a couple of cool new products. One is a blown glass pendant with the gas mask logo made by his brother, Rick Zar. The other is his instructional dvd, that shows you his methods of painting digitally. It’s called “Digital Creature Painting with Chet Zar” and is released by the Gnomon Workshop. I have seen bits of the dvd and it looks amazing, if you work with digital painting this dvd is a must. Chet Zar Merch

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