“Clown of Doom” print by Chet Zar

One of my favorite paintings of the “Clowns” show that just happened at he Corey Holford Gallery was by Chet Zar. Of course it helps that I am a huge fan of his work, but I think it was the whole presentation that caught me. They style of the clown, the colors he used as well as that amazing frame.

I was hoping he would release a print of this piece, and if you head on over to his shop you will see that he did. The print is without frame of course, and I would try to find one as close to the original as possible. This print is a “Special Collectors Edition”. It’s 17″ x 22″ on fine velvet art paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 100. There is also two other new prints, a smallr version of “I Want You”, and a Special Collectors Edition of “Mourner”.

Chet Zar Online Store

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