I Want Your Skull Issue Five now on sale

I Want Your Skull issue Five is now on sale. This new issue has a full color cover by Brian Ewing, 56 pages and limited to 500.

There is interviews with Brian Ewing, Rob Schwager. and Matthew Amey, and artwork by BRIAN MORRIS, DIGITALINK, SHAWN HEBRANK, MAGNUS BLOMSTER, PROJECT DETONATE, RM HANSON, ARKKIVE 440, AARON WOLF, ANGRYBLUE, KAREN O’BRYAN, JANUSZ KOZAK and many others. It all comes wrapped up with two screenprints, one by Rob Schwager and the other by The Half and Half. This issue is exciting as it has work by R.M Hanson, Magnus Blomster and Karen O’Bryan. Magnus a previously featured artist on the Creep and R.M Hanson was in the B Movie Show. I also met Karen at the show whom accompanied R.M Hanson to the show.

Some of the previous issues of I Want Your Skull are still available, and let me tell you they look amazing. I have issue 4 and it was super professional. Well worth the small price to pay.

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