In The Store: “Race Till Death” by Ken Garduno

This piece by Ken Garduno was another one of the paintings in the “B Movie” show. It was also one of the few pieces that was inspired by an old b movie, “Death Race”. A very cool old movie that happens to be coming to theaters again as a remake (oh joy). The maniac behind Alien Vs. Predator, The Resident Evil Movies and the upcoming Castlevania movie is brining the Death Race remake to us.

Not excited about the remake, but I was very excited when I first saw this painting. Ken has a great style and the layout he used in this piece really help give it that crazy motion. The painting is acrylic ink and wash on 8″ x 10″ paper. The edges of the paper are deckled, so in the frame the paper is floating instead of under a matte. It really is a classy looking piece, you can see the work all frame up here.

This painting is till available in the store, so if your interested in picking it up head on over. Creep Store

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