Jeff Soto Storm Clouds show online

Jeff Soto’s latest solo show at the Jonathan Levine gallery is now online, for you viewing pleasure.

There is quite a large amount of pieces, acrylic, some ink on paper, and even a wall installation.
The theme of this show, as written on the gallery page, just to sum up “explores his predominant fears and anxieties over his daughter’s future, the civil war in Iraq, and the United States policies on environmental conservation”. I can see this in some of the images, especially the ones that have some murky staining in the background. It kind of pollutes the landscapes that he paints in the, making the scene far more sinister. A great example of this is “Snake Trap” & “Fire”. They look so murky, and polluted, that umber he must be using really makes the whole scene look kind of the skyline where I live.

But there is positivity, such as in the piece “We Can Chang Everything”. We are still given the murky effects at the top, but as you can see hands holding a rainbow and a spade. It’s quite simple to fix all that we have done, we just have to get started.

Wonderful show, and yet another one that I really wish I could see in person. The images on the site are nice and big, but it still would be great to see the pieces close up.

Jeff Soto, Storm Clouds

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