Monster mini paintings by Dienzo for sale

george_dienzo.jpgL.A. based artist Dienzo has been working on a new series of paintings called “Monster Mini’s”. Each one of these little paintings are 6″ x 6″, acrylic on canvas.

So far he has done: “Wolfgang”, “Julian”, “Dolores”, “Mumford” & “George” (shown), and you can see that these six are based on the classic horror monsters that have inspired so many people. I think these little paintings are amazing, they have a great feel to them and Dienzo’s style of painting is really catchy. They’re also pretty affordable so don’t hesitate.

Dienzo also has a killer painting that will be in the B Movie show, it’s huge and really exciting. So if you cant make it to reception this coming Friday the 18th, you can see the work online this Monday.

Dienzo Monster Mini’s for sale

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