Prints: “Jimi vs. the MPC” by Casey Weldon @ Spoke Art

Spoke Art has just released a new limited edition print by Casey Weldon. Entitled Jimi VS/ the MPC, this painting was first seen at the I Want My MTV Music Video show (previewed) that took place last year. This is such a killer painting, not only because it’s a great spoof on an iconic image of Jimi Hendrix, but long before I created this site I was completely immersed in electronic music and the gear associated with it. The MPC was the staple sequencer for many musicians, and the complaints I would often hear is how lifeless drum machine/sequencers are. So to have Jimi, a guitar player that was so intense of full of life, to be burning up this machine is a great addition for gear geeks like myself.
Anyway, the print is a generous 18″ x 24″, signed and numbered in an edition of 35. It also has hand deckled edges and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Get it here: Casey Weldon @ Spoke Art

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