“The Teeming” micro edition by Catherine Brooks

Catherine Brooks has just launched an Etsy store, and along with it her first edition of prints. This print is limited to only 10. The print is 10″ x 13″, signed and numbered. The amazing thing about these prints is that each one is hand embellished. She hand painted the gold details into each one of the prints, to help regain the “metallic nature” of her paintings. The other bonus is “each one is a little different and you may find a tiny graphite secret drawn into the the back and maybe a gold finger print.”

What a way to kick off a new store. I love the pose and expression in this painting. The original if anyone is interested it still available over at Thinkspace Gallery Here.

Head on over and snag one of these unique prints before they’re gone. It’s rare for such a cool print to be so affordable.

Catherine Brooks Etsy Store

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